ROC Forms As per Companies Act 2013

ROC Forms As per Companies Act 2013

Description E-Forms with Instruction kit E-Forms
Intimation of Director Identification Number by the company to the Registrar DIN services --- Form DIR-3C
Information to the Registrar by company regarding the number of layers of subsidiaries Form CRL-1 Form CRL-1
Approval Services (Headquarters)
Form for filing application or documents with Central Government Form CG-1 Form CG-1 
Form of intimation of appointment of cost auditor by the company to Central Government. Form CRA-2  Form CRA-2
Approval Services (Regional Director)
Application for removal of auditor(s) from his/their office before expiry of term. Form ADT-2 Form ADT-2
Application to Regional director for conversion of section 8 company into company of any other kind--- Form INC-18
Application to Regional Director for approval to shift the Registered Office from one state to another state or from jurisdiction of one Registrar to another Registrar within the same State --- Form INC-23
Memorandum of Appeal Form ADJ Form ADJ
Applications made to Regional Director --- Form RD-1
Application for extension of time


Form NDH-2
Form for filing Addendum for Rectification of Defects or Incompleteness Form RD GNL-5 Form RD GNL-5
Application to Central Government for extension of time for filing particulars of registration of creation / modification / satisfaction of charge OR for rectification of omission or misstatement of any particular in respect of creation/ modification/ satisfaction of charge Form CHG-8 Form CHG-8
Approval Services (Registrar of Companies)
One Person Company- Application for Conversion --- Form INC-6 
Application by company to ROC for removing its name from register of Companies Form STK-2
Form STK-2 
Application for approval of Central Government for change of name --- Form INC-24 
Application to Registrar for obtaining the status of dormant company --- Form MSC-1 
Application for seeking status of active company --- Form MSC-4
Applications made to Registrar of Companies Form GNL-1  Form GNL-1 
Application for grant of License to an existing company under section 8 --- Form INC-12
Application for striking off the name of company under the Fast Track Exit (FTE) Mode Form FTE Form FTE 
Change Services
One Person Company - Nominee consent form --- Form INC-3
One Person Company - Change in Member/Nominee --- Form INC-4 
Notice of situation or change of situation of registered office --- Form INC-22
Conversion of public company into private company or private company into public company --- Form INC-27
Notice to Registrar of any alteration of share capital --- Form SH-7
Particulars of appointment of Directors and the key managerial personnel and the changes among them --- Form DIR-12
Return of alteration in the documents filed for registration by foreign company--- Form FC-2
Annual accounts along with the list of all principal places of business in India established by foreign company --- Form FC-3
Charge Management
Application for registration of creation, modification of charge (other than those related to debentures) Form CHG-1 Form CHG-1
Particulars for satisfaction of charge thereof Form CHG-4 Form CHG-4
Notice of appointment or cessation of receiver or manager Form CHG-6 Form CHG-6 
Application for registration of creation or modification of charge for debentures or rectification of particulars filed in respect of creation or modification of charge for debentures Form CHG-9  Form CHG-9
Details of persons/directors/charged/specified --- Form GNL-3
DIN Forms
Application for allotment of Director Identification Number --- Form DIR-3
Application for surrender of Director Identification Number --- Form DIR-5
Intimation of change in particulars of Director to be given to the Central Government ---
Form DIR-6 
 Report by a company to ROC for intimating the disqualification of the director --- Form DIR-9 
Application for KYC of Directors Form DIR-3 KYC Form DIR-3 KYC
Incorporation Services
Registration of Entities for undertaking CSR Activities Form CSR-1 Form CSR-1
Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification (ACTIVE) Form INC-22A Form INC-22A
One Person Company- Nominee consent form Form INC-3 Form INC-3
Information to be filed by foreign company --- Form FC-1
Declaration by Subscribers and First Directors ---Form INC- 9
Memorandum of Association ---e-MOA[INC-13]
Articles of Association  ---e-MOA[INC-31]
Memorandum of Association ---e-MOA[INC-33]
Articles of Association--- e-AOA[INC-34]
Application for Goods and services tax Identification number , employees state Insurance corporation registration plus Employees provident fund organisation registration, Profession tax Registration, Opening of bank account and Shops and Establishment Registration ---AGILE PRO S [INC-35]
 Application for change of name of existing company ---RUN
 Application for reservation of name for new company incorporation--- SPICE+ PART A   
 Integrated Company Incorporation Application ---SPICE+ PART B 
Compliance Related Filing
Application for declaration as Nidhi Company and for updation of status by Nidhis --- Form NDH-4
Return to the Registrar in respect of declaration under section 90 Form BEN-2 Form BEN-2
Form for furnishing half yearly return with the registrar in respect of outstanding payments to Micro or Small Enterprise. Form MSME Form MSME
Forms for filing Cost Audit Report with the Central Government Form CRA-4 Form CRA-4
Return of deposits Form DPT-3 Form DPT-3
Information to the Registrar by Company for appointment of Auditor Form ADT-1 Form ADT-1
Notice of Resignation by the Auditor Form ADT-3 Form ADT-3
Statement regarding deposits existing on the commencement of the Act Form DPT-4 Form DPT-4
Return of allotment --- Form PAS-3 
Letter of offer --- Form SH-8
Declaration of Solvency --- Form SH-9
Return in respect of buy-back of securities --- Form SH-11 
Filing of Resolutions and agreements to the Registrar --- Form MGT-14
Notice of resignation of a director to the Registrar --- Form DIR-11
ROC Document- Schedule IV, Schedule II, MoA and AoA --- Form GNL-2 
Annual Return of a Foreign company --- Form FC-4
Return of dormant companies --- Form MSC-3
Persons not holding beneficial interest in shares Form MGT-6  Form MGT-6 
Informational Services
Notice of situation or change of situation or discontinuation of situation, of place where foreign register shall be kept --- Form MGT-3
Form for filing Report on Annual General Meeting Form MGT-15  Form MGT-15
Notice of address at which books of account are maintained --- Form AOC-5
Declaration for commencement of business --- Form INC-20A
Intimation to Registrar of revocation/surrender of license issued under section 8 --- Form INC-20
Notice of Order of the Court or any other competent authority --- Form INC-28
Reply To Call for Information on CSR Form CFI(CSR) Form CFI(CSR)
Investor Services
Provisions Related to Mangerial personnel
Form of application to the Central Government for approval of appointment or reappointment and remuneration or increase in remuneration or waiver for excess or over payment to managing director or whole time director or manager and commission or remuneration to directors --- Form MR-2
Return of appointment of MD/WTD/Manager --- Form MR-1
Annual Filing E-Forms
Form for filing consolidated financial statements and other documents with the Registrar for NBFCs Form AOC-4 CFS NBFC(Ind AS) Form AOC-4 CFS NBFC(Ind AS)
Form for filing XBRL document in respect of financial statement and other documents with the Registrar. Form AOC-4(XBRL) Form AOC-4(XBRL)
Form for filing annual return by a company. Form MGT-7  Form MGT-7 
Form for filing annual return by OPCs and Small company. Form MGT-7A Form MGT-7A
Form for filing consolidated financial statements and other documents with the Registrar Form AOC-4(CFS)   Form AOC-4(CFS)
Form for filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar Form AOC-4  Form AOC-4
Form for filing financial statement and other documents with the Registrar for NBFCs Form AOC-4 NBFC (Ind AS) Form AOC-4 NBFC (Ind AS)
Addendum Form
Addendum for rectification of defects or incompleteness. ---  Form GNL-4
Refund Form
Application for requesting refund of fees paid. Form Refund  Form Refund
Application for surrender of Director Identification Number Form DIR-9 [zip] ---
Form of application for removal of disqualification of directors --- Form DIR-10
Circular or circular in the form of advertisement inviting deposits Form DPT-1 
Return of Statutory Compliances --- Form NDH-1
Application for extension of Time--- Form NDH-2
Half Yearly Return --- Form NDH-3
Form for filing application for declaration as Nidhi Company and for updation of status by Nidhis. --- Form NDH-4
Information Memorandum --- Form PAS-2
Private Placement Offer Letter Form PAS-4 ---
Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report (Half-yearly) --- Form PAS-6

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